Mikko Waris

Full stack software developer.

040 740 1231

I work at Beddit, developing a sleep tracker

We want to help people to improve their health & wellbeing. Everybody knows the importance of good sleep, however following ones sleep has previously been tedious/too nerdy. Beddit follows your sleep with a simple sensor placed in the bed.

I'm active in some alumni organizations

I am the chair of Eson seniorit, the alumni organization for Eteläsuomalainen osakunta at University of Helsinki.

I am also in the board of TKT-alumnit, the alumni organization for Department of Computer Science.

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Some of my side projects include

Sleepmusicalization is probably the most famous project I've participated. I made the web app part of the project. (Sources are in Beddi't Github page.)

Arkeo.fi, which is a site for presenting archelogy in Southern Finland region.

Bookreading.me is a HeiaHeia for reading; I'm still waiting for it to get popular... ;)

My wife, historian, PhD Eva Ahl-Waris,

studies history of medievalism. We have three children: Helena, Johannes, and Emil.